Saturday, May 30, 2015

Anthropologie: Trinnette Shirtdress, Tillie Shirtdress, Tied Acionna Silk Dress, Loka Tunic Dress

I found one dress from my June New Arrivals picks and one from my wishlist, in this set. Check them out below.

~ Dear Creatures Trinnette Shirtdress, Small ~
This dress looked really big in the Medium, on the hanger, so I grabbed a Small. It's definitely the best fit. I like the navy Gingha on the dress and the lace scalloped shoulders. 

I wasn't that impressed with the shape of the dress. It could have been a little more nipped in the waist, especially since the back has some pleating that makes the dress widen out. Still, it's a very cute dress and will be great for Summer.

~ Isabella Sinclair Tillie Shirtdress, Blue, Small ~
I liked the light chambray material of this, which is why I tried it on. It definitely needs a belt to give it more shape. There's enough length to still be modest if you do add a belt. The hem is slightly high-low, with the back being longer. It wasn't a love for me though it is sleeveless and had pockets. There's also a light jersey slip that comes with the dress.  

 ~ Collette Dinnigan Tied Acionna Silk Dress, size 8 ~
This dress is screaming to be worn at a Summer wedding. The size 8 did not fit. I could not get it zipped past the waistband. I don't know if that was because of the seaming at the waistband or my wider ribcage. I always have trouble in that area, when using a side zip. The ties at the shoulder are decorative only. The v-neck is just a tad low but since this is more of a special occasion dress I don't think it matters. 

This seems to be a new designer at Anthropologie and I'll need to try on a few more items to gauge the proper fit in this brand. There is also a shirt and maxi dress in this same print.

~ San & Soni Loka Tunic Dress, Small ~
Mine. Mine. MINE! I loved this dress. I loved how this fit and draped on me. I loved the beading and design of the embroidery. The beading didn't weigh down the dress and the material wasn't heavy. And, I loved the length. Exactly where I like a special occasion dress to hit, a few inches above the knee but still able to sit down properly. 

My only, single issue with this dress was that I have no where to use it. I have a few nice dresses for weddings, showers, special date nights, etc. so I don't need another one. I really don't. Even with my birthday discount, this dress was a little pricey. Especially for a wear-once-a-year dress.

If//when the Loka Tunic Dress goes on sale, I will be just a few clicks away from owing it. The others were a pass, compared to this dress and the Embroidered Bluebird Dress.

What do you think of this next set of dresses? Would you try any of these on?

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Anthropologie: Embroidered Blue Bell Dress, Candymint Halter Dress, Button-Pleat Shirtdress

This next post of dress are from the Anthropologie in San Diego. I'll have additional dresses from the Birthday Event at my local store later today.

This dress is very beautiful in person. It looked large on the hanger so I grabbed Small. I was surprised how well it fit. The Medium would have been too loose in the chest and wider throughout. The dress is a little heavier than I expected it to be, particularly because it has the beading and embroidery. I don't know if I'd wear this to an outside event if there isn't a cool breeze. Still, it flows nicely and the blue does pop off the white background.

This was a return and there was only one size available. I was not able to zip this up all the way in back. It stopped at the waistband. Also, the halter neck buttoned in the back and just fit. Still, I love the colors of the dress and would look gorgeous on someone taller and thinner than me. I would have loved to have seen this in a skirt or a silk blouse. If I had a need for it, I would probably get a size 10 and shorten the length on it.

I've been wanting to try this dress on since I saw it online. I love the single button at the neckline but I felt like a nurse in this dress. The Medium was the best fit in the arms and chest though a Small would have been good for the width through the waist and hips. This had to have been pinned on the catalog shot since there looks to be some slight waist definition. Belting it this dress would mess up the pleating, I think. Also, there was a lining that probably contributes to the oversized look of the dress. This is now on sale and every size is available. Most people seem to have gone with a Petite size in this dress and I think they made the right choice. This needs to be as close to the body as possible. 

The Ranna Gill Embroidered Blue Bell Dress was my favorite of these three, though I love the colors of the Candymint Halter Dress

Which dress do you like?

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Anthropologie: Mitered Stripe Peplum Top, Linen Crops

~ Level 99 Linen Crops, size 29 ~

This is such a beautiful top and fits extremely well in my normal size 8. I'm not particularly fond of cleavage-baring tops though this one might be an exception, it's just so gorgeous. It's very figure-flattering but probably best for those with a smaller bust than me (34C) and probably taller or more slender too. Though I didn't tie it to show off, I love the big blue bow. I almost bought this top but I don't know if I would have made it out of the house wearing it, even for Date Night.

These Linen Crops were a contender for my wide-leg linen pants search. Level 99 is one of my favorite pants brand and I always wear a 29 in whatever they offer. The Sky is probably my favorite color of the 4 that are offered. They don't fit like the model images where you can see when the pant starts to widen in the leg. Though sold out, a Petite 30 might work a little better.

What do you think of Maeve's Mitered Stripe Peplum Top? Have you tried it yet?

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Anthropologie: Cabana Peplum Tank, High Seas Skirt

I found these items while shopping in the Anthropologie in San Diego.


I knew this was a Midi Skirt and wouldn't look that great on me but I really really liked it. There's no give in the waist band so I would definitely need a Large. That's just me with a few pounds to lose. I still think you should take your normal size. There are two linings, one of which is crinoline. I would prefer if the length hit just below the knee or just above the start of my calf. I don't think heels could make that adjustment for me either.

I loved the Cabana Peplum Tank. This is very snug due to all the Spandex, reminiscent of a bandage dress. The girls aren't going anywhere in this tank. This comes in green as well but I love the red. Though I considered sizing up to a Large I don't think it matters. This is going to be snug and form-fitting in that size as well.

An exposed zip but I kind of don't mind it on this top.

I loved the mix of stripes on this outfit. I would love to find a skirt like this but in a shorter length. I wonder how this top would look with the J Crew Pencil Skirt in Chevron Stripe?

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