Wednesday, July 1, 2015

J Crew: Polynesian Floral Short, Notched Shell in Embellished Polynesian Floral, Sleeveless Polynesian Floral Dress

I have a last few items from J Crew's latest roll-out that I was able to try on in-store. The print is the Polynesian Floral.

My VPS gave me this size and it fits fine though when I sit it's fairly snug in the legs. I would size to my normal 8 for these shorts. I like the print, though I wish there was some orange in it like the Embellished Shirt below. For me, I think I would struggle with styling the shorts with an appropriate colored top. 

The material has no give in this shirt so the size 8 is a good fit. I like the touch of orange from the embellishment. The notch at the neckline isn't too low or cleavage-exposing. Between this and the shorts I would choose the top. 

The dress is the same design as the Chevron-Stripe Dress. I was able to try an 8 on in this dress and that was a good fit. I feel comfortable in it and it doesn't feel snug anywhere. 

The issue I do have with the dress is the back. The criss-cross with the opening is still saggy. I feel it should lay flat. I think an 8 Petite will fix that issue for me.

The Polynesian Floral print is cute but doesn't really "wow" me right now. My store did not have the Postage Stamp Mini Skirt which I was looking forward to seeing.

What do you think of the Polynesian Floral print?

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

J Crew: Collection Silk Twill Shell in Jungle

I have been wanting the Collection Silk Twill Shell in Jungle since it first arrived online several weeks ago. I loved the colors and immediately imagined wearing it with my White Jeans. Of course, it was priced high and sold out quickly. I stalked the site daily once I realized I really did want it, or at least to see the print and colors IRL. Finally, a size 8 popped back and I ordered it at full price. Reviews are mixed with some really loving it or really hating it.

I really love it. The blues and greens with the pop of yellow are so vibrant. The piping along the neckline and down the front is navy blue and not black like I originally thought.

Right now, I'm fitting in the larger of my two sizes of 6 and 8, though some reviewers state to size down. I didn't find any issues with the chest pulling or the sides billowing out too much or being too large. The front is just a little shorter than the back, but certainly not cropped. 

The material is 100% silk and not lined. I've already worn this out for a date night and wasn't hot at all. I'm sure the sleeveless design helped with that. I think it's a really nice quality for a Collection item.

Sizes are still popping back online so it seems people are still mixed about the Collection Silk Twill Shell in Jungle. Considering this was a birthday gift to myself, I wanted to be very picky about it, especially because it's been excluded from all promos. I really love it and the colors and print are lovely. It's a definite keeper for me!

Have a Great Day!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shoes-day: Corsica Metallic Suede Espadrille

I have been eyeing the Corsica Espadrille, especially the Calf-Hair version, for quite some time now. My store finally brought in a few options and I chose the Corsica Metallic Suede Espadrille to bring to the fitting room to pair with some try-ons.

I was really worried about two things on this espadrille. First, I thought the ankle strap either wouldn't fit around my ankle or that it would be too wide and the buckle would rub against my ankle bone. The strap is a little wide and I do try to avoid ankle straps but the Metallic Gold looks nice against my skin-tone. Also the buckle didn't seem to rub and you can adjust the strap around your ankle. Second, I thought the front wide piece would dig into the top of my foot making it uncomfortable to walk. Luckily that was not the case. The material is suede leather and felt comfortable and supple.

These only come in whole sizes and I tried on a size 7, which is my normal shoe size. They do still feel a little loose and you can see the gaping at the foot and the heel. If it weren't for the ankle strap you'd slip right out of these.

The heel height didn't bother me at all. I'm used to the height of the Seville Espadrille and these were no different. It also helps that this is a wedge, giving support from front to back. 

The metallic gold color was really pretty and shimmery IRL. It does make me want to give the Calf-Hair a try, especially since it's on sale. I also like the olive green of the Jeweled Espadrille.

Overall, I really liked the Corsica Metallic Suede Espadrille. My store also has the Dusty Cypress which has a peach-tone to it. The leather did seem a little stiff compared to the Metallic Suede version. I do think some people will be sized out of this shoe since there are no half-sizes. Sizing down, which J Crew recommends, might be too small. 

Have you tried the Corsica Espadrille yet?

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Vintage Cropped Jeans in Parisi Wash, Drapey Chambray Romper, Embroidered Tassel Beach Tunic

I tried the Vintage Jeans long ago and the fit was really off for me. I had to go up two sizes to fit in the hip and leg and then the waist was too big. It looks like J Crew finally has the fit right on the Vintage Jeans, though maybe it's because these are cropped. I already have several pairs of jeans and probably should get rid of a few but that does not stop me from always trying new ones on. You never know when you'll find that magical pair that absolutely flatters. 

There was not a size 29 to try on in these so I grabbed the next size up. They are fairly loose on me, even with the Spandex in them. They will stretch out even more so I know my normal size 29 will be the best fit on me. I actually like the wash as well, which is so faded it reminds me of 70s retro. 

The inseam on the size 30 hits me just at the top of my foot. I know the size 29 will be just a little more cropped, probably hitting me at the ankle bone. It's nice to finally find a pair of cropped jeans that are not normal length for me.

There are 4 different washes offered in the Vintage Cropped Jean.

~ Drapey Chambray Romper, Small ~
Another day. Another romper. The size Small fit ok but since this is supposed to be drapey the Medium will be looser and a better fit. You can see the Small has very little give and drape on me. I think in the right size this will feel really nice and soft since the chambray is very comfortable. But this did remind me of those darn Dickies again, this time in a shorts version.

I don't think my store had any sizes larger than a Small so I knew this beach tunic ran small. I tried an XS and though it fit, the empire waist came up a little too high. That waistline should sit right below my chest and in this size it is on it. A Small would be a better fit on me but definitely size down one. 

Even though this is in the beach cover-up section I think you could get away with wearing this over some shorts or skinny jeans.The gauze material should keep you nice and cool. 

The embroidery is nice and similar to the shorts and skirt. There are several items with this embroidery and tassel. (Note the link to the shorts says "sold out" but all sizes are available as of this post.)
Though these were all passes for me, they were fun to try on.

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

J Crew: Seaside Pant in Iridescent Sequin, Carrie Cami, Linen Sundress in Iridescent Sequin

The Iridescent Sequin items, especially the Dress, were especially interesting to me. Surprisingly, both items were in my store. Though they weren't Collection items, I figured these would be offered in limited locations. So, let's go try them on.

~ Seaside Pant in Iridescent Sequin, size 6 ~
~ Carrie Cami, Black, size 8 ~
Previous review here.
~ Corsica Metallic Suede Espadrille Wedges, size 7 ~
Review coming on Shoes-day!

These fit of these pants were all over the place. This first pair I tried was a size 6. They are really saggy in the front and the elastic waistband almost felt like it was for show. It wasn't holding up the pants very well at all. I originally thought I had tried on the size 8 but then saw that size still hanging in my fitting room. I didn't even try those on as I figured they would fall off me if I did.

The size 4 fit a little too small. You can see the pockets won't lay flat. The waistband was sitting low on the hips too. The thighs were tight and it was snug across the butt. The length was good for me and you can finally notice the elastic at the hem. 

And we have a winner! This is the other size 6. You can tell the pockets lay flat, mostly. The length is similar to the size 4. The thighs are not as tight or snug either. I think this pair is the correct size 6. There still a little issue with the waistband being mostly for show. It's almost like the elastic was stretched out before it was sown into the waistband. So very odd.

The sequins are all over the pant, including the inside thigh. I can see them rubbing as you walk and then spreading out over the floor leaving a trail so you can find your way home. It also means you have to be careful where you sit so as not to snag a sequin on your seat.

Each sequin pattern is different in the front and back. This was the last pair I tried on, another size 6, and you can see the pattern in the back is very different from the other two pair. The sequins also look pink in some lighting and lilac in another. The background color for the pant and dress is not white but more ecru.

This is such a pretty dress. It stood out among all the other items in the store. I've bought several dresses lately and found another one I loved. I need to decide which ones to keep, though they are all so very pretty and useful for different days. 

The size 6 fit very well. I tried on the size 8 too and it was looser throughout and longer, hitting about an inch lower than the size 6. You want this dress in your smaller size since there is a bit of shape to it. I didn't compare the pattern of the sequins on the other dresses but this pattern looks similar to the online image. The v-neck isn't as low as it might look showing little to no cleavage. You'll need a racerback bra for this dress though as the sleeves come in a little. You also need to watch what you sit on since the sequins are in the back of the dress too.

I didn't get the dress and regretted it as soon as I got home. The Instagram comments may have persuaded me as well. I have it on hold and will pick it up later today. I am off to Vegas for a few days next week so I think this will be great for one of the evenings there. 

What are your thoughts on the Iridescent Sequin items? Have you tried the pants? Did you have similar fit issues to mine?

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