Wednesday, August 27, 2014

J Crew Fall 2014: Collection Wide Leg Trouser in Bi-Stretch Wool, Collection Draped Silk Popover

I ordered two Collection items last week, one of which was included in the 25% off select items promo.

Collection Wide Leg Trouser in Bi-Stretch Wool, Crimson Maple, size 8 ~
I am glad that I ordered these when I did. They were included in the promo, and removed from it by the weekend and are now sold out. I will take a guess that they will pop-back in the next few weeks as people make returns. 

I debated ordering a size 6 over the size 8 since the material was a bi-stretch wool and there were no belt loops to add one if needed. The size 8 won out and though the size 6 would have sat higher on my hips, almost to the waist, and the length would have looked shorter, like in the model image, it might have run a bit tight across the booty. The size 8 are a decent fit and sit comfortably on my hips. 

The back has a nice wide-leg drape in the size 8. I think the size 6 would have pulled too much causing major VPL. You can see the hem-line hits at the top of my wedge. I have enough cuff to let down if I want to change these to full-length trousers. Being 5'2", cropped pants always end up being the perfect floor length for me instead.

Here is the difference between a heel and a flat. I think the pant looks looks better with the heel. Maybe if the flat was the same color as the pant it might look more stream-lined and not so cut-off. 

One more thing to mention is that these are fully lined. I will be keeping these and playing with the hemline a little to see if I prefer the sort-of crop of the full-length. 

Collection Draped Silk Popover, Navy, size 6 ~
This top was not included in the promo but it looked so pretty online that I had to order it. I debated, again, between the size 6 and 8. The size 6 fit well through the body. The arms were a little snug. This is a pull-over and no extra buttons or zippers to open to help you ease into this top. The front is very low and open. They must have the model image all taped up. As you can see I added a cami but this will definitely drape open. I think I could have used some Hollywood tape to keep this closed but a silk cami will look nice with this top. 

The whole outfit together looks really nice. The Popover has a wide hem that seems to grab the hips. It doesn't seem to move and will help the shirt drape like it should. I really love the Navy color and the Bright Eggplant looks very pretty online. I think the Bleached Sand would be very sheer and require a sturdy cami for it.

Overall, I'm still on the fence about the popover but the pants are a nice addition to my closet.  

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Shoes-day: J Crew Factory Addie Gallop Loafer

My only Fall Factory purchase arrived last week while we were moving The Boy to college.

~ Addie Gallop Loafer, size 7 ~
This was the only "horse" item I purchased from the Factory. I have been looking for a pair of gray flats or loafers and these are cute for my relaxed style. The left foot was a little more snug than normal but I don't think sizing to a 7 1/2 would give me all that much more width, just length. I will see if wearing socks with them won't stretch them out just a little. 

The upper is Wool/Flannel with a patent trim. The horses are nicely embroidered on the material. The heel is very small and flat and the lining does feel like leather. The sole is man-made with some material at the bottom making it skid-proof.

I'm happy this is the "Horsing Around" item I picked. I passed on the sweatshirts from the Retail last year and have quite a few in my closet so I also passed on the Factory versions too.

Have you tried the Addie Gallop Loafer yet? I haven't been to a store so I'm unsure if they are stocked.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

J Crew Factory: Cable Knit Sweater

Just a quick little Factory review for you today.

~ Cable Knit Sweater, Medium, Red Currant ~
I was looking for a nice cozy sweater for Winter and I was very successful last year in finding a Cable Knit Sweater in the Men's section in Navy. It showed up early in Fall and I wore it quite a bit in Winter. I found one this season in the Women's section in this lovely Red Currant color (also in Ivory). This color will go well all I have planned for Fall, especially all the Navy I have. It's super soft due to the viscose/nylon/merino wool blend material.

I should have bought the Large because as soon as I felt the material I KNEW I was going to shrink it. The tag says Hand Wash so we'll see how I do before I get lazy and throw it in the machine on the Delicate/Hand Wash setting. For now, though, the Medium is a good fit and great for layering, shown here with the Classic Silk Blouse in Tick Tock. I could have sized to a Small for a more fitted look but I wanted cozy and a little over-sized. 

There was only one sweater in the Men's section that looked interesting - Cotton Contrast-Trim Cardigan. It's cotton and looks like a Women's Cardigan from 2009/2010?? just a different material. Anyone recall the name?  

Have a Great Day!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

J Crew Fall 2014: Merino Wool Glen Plaid-Panel Sweater, Excursion Vest in Pinstripe

I ran in to the store to grab some shorts for The Boy (didn't find them) and stopped in my tracks. The store was stock full of new arrivals and it was a little bit of sensory overload. Lots of blues, grays, maroons, etc. all around. I grabbed two items to try-on real quick.

I didn't even try on the Medium as this looked big even on the hanger. This is a nice fit and the Glen Plaid is a Wool/Poly Blend. The hem is slightly longer but not as long as the Silk Sleeveless Blouse. My Store Director said this trend would last through Holiday.

The crewneck and sleeve hem are Burgundy/Navy stripe.

Since receiving the latest Style Guide and then seeing the Pin I have been debating on whether or not to pre-order this vest. I was happy to see it in-store. I'm a Small in the Excursion Vest, Retail or Factory, and this is no different. After trying it on, I decided to pass on this vest. I like the solids better. I have the Navy from the Factory store and have several printed tops I can wear underneath it.

I liked the colors and Glen Plaid on the Sweater so that came home with me. I like quite a bit from this new roll-out including the Collection Wide Leg Trouser in Bi-Stretch Wool in Crimson Maple and the Collection Draped Silk Popover in Navy. 

Happy Shopping! 

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