Saturday, March 28, 2015

Boden: Wideleg Jeans, Florence Skirt

I ordered a pair of jeans and a skirt from Boden as well.

~ Wideleg Jeans, Vintage, size 8P ~
I do need some wideleg jeans and I have been looking for a nice pair a GAP pair I have had for years. I was hoping the Boden pair would work out for me. This fit well in the waist but was a little snug down the hips and upper thigh. There's a little stretch so that will work itself out. The length works well with heels but I would also want a pair to shorten and wear with flats. I was on the fence about the fading in front and back on the legs. I do recommend these if you are looking for a nice wideleg jean. I would stick with my Petite sizing on this one and on a re-order I would probably choose the Indigo. This comes in Black, Indigo and White. 

~ Florence Skirt, Multi Seaside, size 6R ~
The print on this skirt is so pretty and the blues are very vibrant. Unfortunately, the pleats just weren't working for me. The waist was a good fit in the size 6 and the length hit me just above the knee. I wish this had been an A-line skirt without the pleating. 

This is lined in cotton and has pockets, which are a nice bonus. I wasn't interested in any of the other prints in this skirt so this is a return and not an exchange. If you like this print, definitely get it. There was a scarf in this print that I should have bought. I would have worn that.

I think these orders were just a matter of timing for me and my personal style crisis I am trying to manage. I made the mistake of ordering some items while purging my closet and not re-assessing what I really need, other than the jeans. I still want to buy clothes like I work in an office, with people, when, in reality, I do not. 

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Boden: Seatown Shirtdress, Jessica Dress, Rosalyn Dress

I received my orders from Boden finally and overall I had mixed feelings about everything I ordered. Today we'll start with the dresses.

~ Seatown Shirtdress, Multi Blue Stripes, size 8R ~
When I ordered this there were only three colors available. The Blue Dots reviewed as a little sheer so I went with the stripes. I loved the coloring of the stripes on this one. It read as a chambray mix IRL. The size 8 Regular was the best fit for me, if just fitting at the chest and waist. The length was just hitting mid-knee on me. I like that the cap-sleeves cover a trouble spot for me. Though the lightweight cotton will be great for the heat in the Summer I didn't feel like the "50's housewife-style" fit my personal style. Overall, I do recommend this dress if you are considering it. 

~ Jessica Dress, Party Pink, size 6R ~
I chose this dress over the Broderie Jersey Dress because of the slight cap-sleeve. On impulse I ordered the Party Pink because I liked the color. I took one look at this dress, in the package, and new it would be going back. The color is super bright compared to what I saw online. As far as sizing, since this was a jersey dress, I new the size 6 would be a better fit, since it had some stretch to it. The waist has a little ruching as well. If I had gone with the Navy I would have probably kept this little dress. 

~ Rosalyn Dress, Blue Floral, size 8P ~
I pre-ordered this one way back in December, I think. Based on a suggestion, I went with the 8 Petite. The dress fit a little snug in the waist. The chest is fine as are the shoulders. There seemed to be an issue with the stitching or something where the bodice met the waistband. I thought it was a lining issue at first but I couldn't get the bodice and waist to straighten out. I noticed it right away so it definitely swayed my opinion in not keeping the dress. I like the blue top with the floral bottom but should have order a regular size 8 instead of the Petite. I think the bodice issue would not have been as noticeable. I'm hoping it was just my dress. I was tempted to get the white but it just screams for me to get some chocolate or spaghetti sauce on it.

This dress order was a miss on all counts, though overall I would recommend the Seatown Shirtdress, especially in the Blue Stripes, and the Rosalyn Dress. They really are pretty IRL.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

J Crew Reese Pant in Graphic Peony

I really liked the print of the Reese Pant in Graphic Peony when I tried it on in the store so I though I would order it in the Petite to see if the fit was just a little better.

~ size 6 ~
The size 6 was all the way to the floor on me in length and bunched quite a bit in front. The waist was a nice fit (elastic) but the thighs could have a little more room. 

~ size 8 Petite ~
The 8 Petite was a much better fit all over. There was less bunching in the front and the length was just at my ankle bone and not the floor like the size 6. I really like it with the silver Martina's as well. 

I have no business getting any pants since I am not in an office setting but I really really like these. I was able to get them with a % off while they were on promo for $79.99. It had to have been a mistake or something since it was before they went on sale. 

Pricing and sizing say I should keep these but how much I would wear them is a factor in returning them. And I know as soon as Husband sees these he'll say they are "old lady pants". That's his new phrase for everything I've been wearing. It's all "old-lady" clothes. Particularly printed tops with a cardigan. I think he probably means it looks frumpy but can't figure out the word. He's gotten into my head since all I've been wearing lately are solid tees and tops and hesitate when reaching for a cardigan, which are a staple for me in Spring. 

What do you think? 

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J Crew Crepe Maxi Dress

I originally tried on the Crepe Maxi Dress in-store in the Navy and held of on sharing with you because I ordered the Ruby color online. I have last year's silk version in Black and Brilliant Blueberry and loved them. I wore them all Summer long. I was hoping the Crepe Maxi Dress would work for me, especially in the Ruby.

The Navy was a true Navy with no hints of black. It was very pretty IRL. If I didn't have the Blueberry I might have bought this one.

Both the Navy and Ruby are a size Small. Though just a little snug across the chest the fit was good. I wouldn't size up to a Medium. The straps are adjustable but they are pretty thin. I am wearing one of the Calvin Klein slips I bought last year for the other maxi dress and the dress straps do not cover it. This also has a slit up the back from the hem to just to the back of the knee. I actually like that as it gives you a little more room to take a large step if needed. The Ruby color is very pretty IRL.

I know this is in the Beach Cover-Up section but I would love to wear this as a dress. I do not want to have to wear a strapless bra to do that so I'll be returning the dress in Ruby. The Black and the Ruby are already on sale. There is also the Crepe Dress which is a short version in Regal Blue and Black.

What do you think of the Crepe Maxi Dress

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Shoes-day: Marlow Mules

It's Shoes-day! Today I have the Marlow Mules in Seashore Beige. I haven't worn this type of wide-band sandal since the early 2000s. I had some wedges from Nine West in Black and in Brown that I wore constantly. The Marlow Mules look promising so let's take a look.

I saw a size 7 1/2 out in the store so I grabbed those to try-on. Just looking at the wide-band across the top I kind of knew that a size 7, my normal shoe size, would be a little snug. I was right as even the 7 1/2 just fits. The length is fine but the wide-band has no give or stretch.

I really did like the Marlow Mules, especially in the Fabric Mules and the Huarache Mules. But, I would have to size to a 7 1/2 for sure. If you have a slightly wider instep like me, you'll probably need to size up a half size.

I think these will be a great transition sandal from Spring to Summer but I think once our heat comes, they might be a bit warm to wear.

Have you tried the Marlow Mules in any of the offerings?

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Monday, March 23, 2015

J Crew Regent Blazer in Metallic Linen

I have tried on the Regent Blazer before, when it first came out, and it ran really small on me. I know I tried on a size 8 and 10 in different fabrics and it wasn't too flattering on me. The standing collar and single-button closure where also disappointments for me.

For Spring/Summer, there is the Regent Blazer in Linen, in a variety of colors; many of which I would love to add to my closet. I think the Radio Red, Alpine Moss and Weathered Coral are my favorites. Those have not arrived in my store but the Regent Blazer in Metallic Linen did.

~ size 10 ~
I tried the size 10 on in-store and loved the material and look of it. It looked great with the Linen Lace-Trim Shorts as well. This was a little snug in the arms and the length on the arms was too long. I liked it enough to order the 10 Petite.

~ 10 Petite ~ 
I never button my blazers but did want to show you how it looks buttoned. The sleeve length is much better on me. The fit through the shoulders and arms are free enough that I can still move without fear of ripping a seam. 

This is how I would usually wear the blazer, un-buttoned. I let my hair down so you could see how the standing collar works with longer hair. I really like the gold metallic color of the blazer. The lining is cotton and some have reviewed, on the Linen Blazer, that is a nuisance when wearing cotton tops with sleeves. I didn't really notice but I was wearing a sleeveless top. Poly linings are too noisy, IMO. So I think it probably depends on what you prefer and how you'll wear the blazer. 

Overall, I am going to return the Regent Blazer in Metallic Linen. I really can't get over the standing collar. It is constantly touching my face and it would get dirty from make-up very easily, making me send it to the cleaners more often. I would love to see this offered in the Schoolboy Blazer. I would be really disappointed if  J Crew is planning to phase out out the Schoolboy Blazer and leaving it only for the Factory. It's a staple in my closet and I would love to add another Linen one in any of the Regent Blazer's colors. 

Have you been ablet to try it on? What do you think of the Regent Blazer in Metallic Linen?

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