Friday, December 19, 2014

J Crew December 2014: Fair Isle Abstract Sweater, Drapey Keyhole Top in Stripe, Collection Silk Bib Top, Shrunken Boy Shirt in Navy Plaid

Just a few reviews of some tops and sweaters from J Crew I found in my picture roll.

Drapey Keyhole Top in Stripe, Navy, size 6 ~
I was in a rush in the store and liked this on sight because it was Navy. It's a great little top and the size 6 is a good fit but overall this didn't wow me enough to stay. And now it's on sale with the 40% GIFTNOW promo. Still not enough reason for me to keep. I'll stick to my Silk Sleeveless Blouses for now. 

Fair Isle Abstract Sweater, Charcoal Red Blush, Medium ~
I love gray and pink together which is why I think I really liked this sweater. I wore it within days of purchasing it. I was tempted to size down to a Small but am really glad I didn't since I bought it without trying it on. The neck-hole is small. You don't ever notice the neck-hole until you have one that's smaller than normal. I can get it on just fine but the small-ness of it is noticeable, for me at least. I'm hoping I bought a flawed one. 

The Medium fit great everywhere. I don't buy too many printed-type sweaters since I'm a little fussy about the pattern but I love this one. I thought I had a pink gingham shirt somewhere to layer under so I'll need to see if I can't find that. 

~ Collection Silk Bib Top, Black & Warm Taupe, size 8 ~
I have been looking for some silk blouses to replace the crepe ones I have since I've had a few laundry mishaps with them. I thought this top would be a great addition to my closet since it would look nice alone, or layered under a sweater. 

I ordered my normal size 8 in two colors and it's way too big. The sleeves are super long and not meant to be cuffed. The shoulder seams are way too low and it's just big, overall, throughout the body.

~ Warm Taupe ~

Lastly, though I like the no-collar look this one has a raw edge on it. That means you will definitely have to try clean this or spend some time with small scissors trying to try the collar each time you wash it. 

~ Shrunken Boy Shirt in Navy Plaid, size 8 ~
I am not sure where the "shrunken" part is on this shirt. It's pretty large overall. I could have sized down to a 6 in this and still felt comfortable in it. I ended up keeping the 8 because it felt so cozy once I had it on, that I never took it off until the end of the day. I will layer it with a sweater or cardigan to shape it up a bit. 

This evening I will finish up my Christmas shopping. I am busy all weekend with family obligations and I work every day next week so I will have no time for "last minute" shopping. Luckily, The Boy is now home so I can send him on grocery store runs if needed.

Have a Great Day!

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Que Bella: Tartan Shirt

Good evening all! I have been trying to post this all day but have been so very busy. But I wanted to get this outfit out there since I loved wearing it. It was so comfortable and Christmas-y without over-doing it. The Perfect Shirt in Tartan is one of my all-time favorite J Crew shirts. Alone or layered with a sweater it just looks good. It even goes with Leopard!

I bought this version of the Pilcro Stet Slim Ankle Jeans on sale over the Summer and they are awesome. These and my two Tory Burch pair are in heavy rotation right now. I like the darker wash on both for Winter. I will be getting the Stardust color of these as soon as I can, since they fit so amazingly well. 

 The Quinn Ankle Booties are still my favorites to wear out of all the new ones I've purchased this season. Though I have a pair of black ankle booties, I am so tempted to get the Quinn's in Black Suede. 

My department had a little Christmas lunch and Secret Santa gifting on Tuesday. I though this outfit was perfect with the little touch of Christmas plaid to have a fun lunch break with the co-workers.

I am off to write my list of what I'm missing and who I'm missing that I need to buy for. I have wrapped quite a bit.

I love to wrap presents and have gotten into buying pretty ribbon for the bows. I'm not fancy about it or anything. I just put it around the gift and tie a bow. I like to sit there with a glass of wine and wrap the gifts. I like J Crew's black boxes because you can be creative with the different colors and textures of ribbon to put on the box. The one in the bottom pic has a red plaid felt ribbon around it. The gold ball wrapped box in front of it has this glitter ribbon. After I was done with just that ribbon, glitter was everywhere so I might have to try and find some less messy ribbon.

Oh, if only life was as simple as avoiding glitter. Haha! Have a Great Evening!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Anthropologie: Saira Blouse, Toamna Silk Tee, Sienna Silk Trousers

I meant to post these a lot earlier since these were ordered during the Black Friday 25% off promo. They were items I wanted to try since my store didn't have them at the time.

~ Saira Blouse, by Cloth & Stone, Medium ~
I liked the online image of this on the model. When I originally tried this on I did not like it but then I kept it on for a few minutes and didn't want to take it off. The rayon is very soft and silky feeling. The neckline wasn't too low and it just felt comfortable on. My only issue with this blouse are the sleeves. They are very long and get skinny at the elbow area and then widen again. I can't push the sleeves up or roll them without it feeling weird. I ended up keeping the shirt on all day so I guess I'm keeping it. 

~ Toamna Silk Tee, by Mickey London, Medium ~
I have been searching for silk tees and blouses to throw on with jeans and skirts and this one was visually interesting. Unfortunately for me, it didn't fit well across the shoulder and sleeves. It's also more sheer than I'd like it to be, as you can see from the back view. I really did like the print of the branches and falling leaves. In person it was just a pretty. 

~ Sienna Silk Trousers, by Harlyn, size 8 ~
I was thinking these would be a great pant and color to use for the Holidays; something other than black. But the fit of these was too saggy in the front while fitting great in the back. These are cropped on the online model but normal length on me. The silk as very nice and they are lined. 

I ended up returning both as they just didn't work for me. 

I ordered the Tinted Chambray Tunic and hope it's as cool and casual as it looks. And right now is 20% off select gifts. These are my picks, some of which I already have, like the Monogram Mug. And I would love the Dorado Crystal Bib Necklace for me!

Have a Great Day!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Shoes-day: Calf-Hair Shearling Scuffs

My absolute favorite slippers are from LL Bean. They are the Wicked Good Slippers and I am on my second pair of Clogs. I love the Clogs because they have a rubber bottom making it safer to wear outside than just the regular soft-bottom slippers. Mine current pair are about three years old and it seems that maybe the quality has gone down a little, at least from the latest reviews.

I certainly didn't need another pair of slippers but when I saw the Leopard ones I knew they would come home with me.Who doesn't need a pair of Leopard slippers? 

I took my normal size 7 and they fit great. They come in Whole sizes only. J Crew recommends that half-sizes go up to the next whole size. They are so soft and cozy on my feet and I love looking down and seeing the leopard print. I don't even mind the mis-match print. I guess it doesn't bother me as much when it's leopard.

These also comes in Metallic, Solid (Black & Dark Nutmeg), and Plaid for Christmas.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

J Crew Collection Gilded Floral Jacquard Skirt

The one item that caught my eye from F/W Fashion Week was the Gilded Floral Jacquard Skirt. I wasn't sure how much gold was in it but I liked the look of the pink and light blue flowers, which aren't colors I gravitate towards. The silk organza insets were interesting as well.

It had been excluded from a few promos and I ordered it when it was included in one of the recent 30% off promos. I bought a size 8 which is my normal skirt size and this fit well. Though it's an A-Line shape, the fit is slim over the waist and hips and then the pleats start. Personally, I'm not a fan of that style of skirt. I prefer either all straight a-line or a pleated a-line starting at the waist.

I think this is a beautiful skirt but I wasn't wowed by it when I tool it out of the package. 
Other than a White button-down, I style this with two different types of Cashmere Sweaters. The first is the Cashmere Tee in Matisse Blue from Winter 2010 and my Babette Heels. For a similar blue you could use Heather Fresco from this year's colors. Of course, the Cashmere Tee in Black would look nice too.

This is the Cashmere Cardigan in Bright Dahlia from 2010, the Flower Lattice Necklace and Babette Heels. This year's color of Heather Hyacinth is a little less bright and more light purple but should pair well with this skirt too.

I liked the color of the Cardigan more than the blue of the tee to go with the skirt. 

For me, it wasn't special enough to find a home in my closet but it is a beautiful skirt. There's also a Dress and Shorts in this same fabric and print.

Have a Great Day!

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