Saturday, August 29, 2015

J Crew: Flare Dress in Watercolor Floral, Sleeveless Lace Shift Dress, Merino Striped Sweater Dress

Let's move on to J Crew dresses today.

This is the same style as the Aquatic Floral Silk Dress. The neckline may be a little rounder on this one. But it's the same down to the wide hem at the bottom with one HUGE difference. This dress is 100% Polyester while the other was 100% Silk. AND!!!! This dress is $10 more at $168 while the Aquatic Floral dress was $158. WTF!!

The size 8 fit fine. I wouldn't be able to size down since it's a fit-and-flare/A-line style. Take your normal size in this dress. I have no room to give in the regular size 8 so I can't size to the Petite. 

But gosh is that print gorgeous.

~ Sleeveless Lace Shift Dress, Navy Black, size 6 ~
I tried on the size 6 because there's wasn't a size 8 and it actually fit. It could use a little smoothing out with some Spanx but overall it fits well. The V-Neck is not too low that you need a cami. The length is just right for me but could be a little short on those of you taller than me. The overlay is Navy with the black underneath it. It also comes in Bright Ocean and Grey Ivory. That last color looks like it could really be dressed up for a wedding. 

~ Merino Striped Sweater Dress, Navy Ivory, Small ~
There always seems to be some iteration of the sweater dress each year weather in wool, cashmere or blend. This dress is 100% Merino Wool and is actually really comfortable on. It's not itchy at all as some wool can be. The Small is a nice fit with room to layer if you need it. It has a slight drop-shoulder seam but it's not too bothersome. 

Navy and Ivory stripes are my favorite stripes to wear. It's on promo (as of this writing) so I expect it to make it to the sale section by the time it cools down and is really needed. I do see this as an option for the Factory too. It's seems like something that would be copied.

Dresses aren't really on my radar yet. And when they will be I'll be looking for those that can go with my Frye boots. You can still get them on Amazon. There's a Leslie with a little bit higher heel, too. So I'll be looking for casual and comfortable dresses. 

How about you? Are you looking for any dresses for Fall?

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Friday, August 28, 2015

J Crew: Carrie Cami in Watercolor Floral, Toothpick Cone Denim Jean in Pacific Wash

Under the Rhodes Blazer in Italian Wool I wore the Carrie Cami in Watercolor Floral. I immediately knew I would be buying this cami as soon as I saw it in-store.

I took a size 8, based on previous try-ons. It draped well and wasn't tight across the chest. Unlike the Silk Cami, this does not have adjustable straps. The cami is silk and the back is a racerback. Either a strapless bra or a cardigan you'll keep on all day are needed for this cami. 

The colors are beautiful. I would have never paired lilac and bright blue together but it totally works. I have several layering outfit ideas for this cami that I hope to show you soon.

I am completely set on denim right now but these were interesting. I have several pair of Toothpick Jeans and the material on these felt really nice. The Toothpick on the Miller Wash I have are super soft but these had a little bit of a rough but comfortable feel to them. I really liked them. And they fit great in my normal size 29.

The inseam is 28-inches and are normal length on me. 

They added a leather tag on the back of the jean as well.

Here are a lot more options in the Watercolor Floral print. I really love the print on the Colette Fabric d'Orsay Mid Heels
Lastly, I'd just like to recognize my dad. His birthday is today. He's been gone for almost 2 1/2 years and though it gets a little easier each year, the Holidays and birthdays get a little tough. Staying busy is tough, especially with no child at home now. That's where this blog and you readers come in. Thank you so much for keeping me on your reading list. I love this little outlet of mine and the 'friends' I've made over the years. 

I'd like to share with you one of my favorite pictures of my dad. We were living in Azores, Portugal and I was 4 & 5 during that time. This was taken during one of his many many BBQs he hosted. He loved to grill! And he loved that little beret too! Love you Dad!

Have a Great Day!

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

J Crew: Rhodes Blazer in Italian Wool

I was really disappointed all Spring and Summer when I kept seeing J Crew offer the Regent Blazer, which is completely unflattering on me with it's single button, and no new Schoolboy Blazers. Not that I needed any more blazers but not even having an option to choose from and decide not to purchase was disheartening. I lamented to my VPS whenever I saw a new roll-out with a new Regent Blazer, especially the Linen colors for Summer. I would have loved some of those colors in my closet!


I was very skeptical, and loyal to my Schoolboy Blazers, and but did want to at least try on the Rhodes Blazer. The first thing I noticed, while it was still on the hanger is that the wool is thicker. The way the wool is woven reminds me of a Pique Polo shirt. 

The size 8 fit well so that tells me that my normal size 10 Petite for blazers will be the best fit. The buttons seems to hit around the same spot as the Schoolboy Blazer. There's a pocket up at the chest and two flap pockets down lower.

The collar is lined in navy felt. I wonder if the others have a similar color as the blazer or if they contrast?

Here's where I was shocked! The details on the inside of the jacket are not what I expected from current J Crew. From J Crew of yore (Bella, Lexington, Professor, etc), yes, but not J Crew now.
The lining is striped in red and blue on the Navy Rhodes Blazer. There's an interior pocket with a red flap and button.

But, the buttons suck. They not only look cheap, they feel cheap too. They should have at least used the cheaper enamel buttons found on the Factory Tipped Linen Blazer. And the buttons on the blazer I tried on felt like they were going to fall off so they'll need to be reinforced.

Overall, I am happy with the new Rhodes Blazer in Italian Wool though I'm sad that the Schoolboy Blazer is probably gone. Since I have Navy and Black wool in the Schoolboy Blazer I am considering the Belgian Chocolate color.

Have you tried the Rhodes Blazer in Italian Wool? What do you think of it?

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

J Crew September Arrivals

Finally I'm getting to some J Crew. Below are my picks from the New Arrivals for September. I'll have reviews up starting tomorrow.

I was a bit sad when I saw the Rhodes Blazer in Italian Wool online. I think it means the end of the Schoolboy Blazer. But then, I tried it on in-store and love it! The texture of the blazer is thicker in a way, not as smooth as the Schoolboy Blazer in Wool. It fits about the same too. I'll talk more in my review on it tomorrow. Another jacket I love is the Hooded Downtown Field Jacket. I actually like the color of Weathered Spruce. I bought the Downtown Field Jacket in Deep Burgundy and would have chosen Weathered Spruce had it been offered.

I don't need any dressy or fancy pants but I really like the Thistle Floral print on the Collection Italian Silk Twill Pant. And those come in Petite too! I did buy the Sunday Slim Chino in Baked Terracotta. I have worn the Chino Shorts in a similar color all Summer and think it's a great color to transition into Fall.
I absolutely LOVE the Carrie Cami in Watercolor Floral. I think a lot of the prints should put on the Carrie Cami. The cami is so versatile and easy to layer. Had some of the prints from this year been on the cami I might have bought more from J Crew. 

The Adele Glossy Leather Ankle Boots look divine in Orchid Smoke. The 4-inch heel is over my limit on heel height though, so I'll admire it from afar.

You can see more of my picks on my Pinterest Board!

For me, there's a lot to love in this roll-out.  What about you? 

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Ann Taylor: Etched Rosette Full Skirt, Lacy Cap Sleeve Blouse, Lace Tee, Paisley Top, Tipped City Shorts

I didn't want to just grab random clothes to try on at Ann Taylor. I tried to take items into the fitting room at Ann Taylor that were things I would actually wear or consider wearing. The skirt below is not only what I might wear to the office but also something Husband would like.

~ Lacy Cap Sleeve Blouse, Dark Ruby, Small ~
This looked flowy on the hanger so I brought a Small with me to the fitting room. It fits loose, even in the Small, though I wouldn't size down to a Medium. The lace detail at the neckline extends around the back. The smaller lace detail down the front is see-through so I would consider a cami underneath, especially if wearing this to the office. The material is 100% Polyester and the care states to hand-wash and lay flat to dry. My guess is because of the lace detail at the neckline, and still a pain to do, especially with Poly.

~ Etched Rosette Full Skirt, size 6 ~
I really didn't expect this to fit in the size 6 as the waist looked tiny. But I was able to fully zip it up and it wasn't tight or uncomfortable once I had it on. The length, at 22 1/2 inches, hits me below the knee. The Petite length is 20 1/2 inches so I think the Petite Medium would be just the right length and fit for me. 

The rosette is a nice pattern though, with the lace mixed in, seems like too much is going on. I do like that the other color on the ivory background is gray. You could go from light to dark gray on top to pair with the skirt.

~ Lace Tee, Warm Twilight, Medium ~
I didn't like this blouse on the hanger but wanted to try on a few things that might go with jeans so I took it with me to the fitting room. Once I had it on though, I really liked it. The color is very nice and I like the nude underlay. The Black top has a black underlay. 

I thought this fit me really well in the Medium and not snug anywhere. I also like that it gives a little shape in the waist. I could definitely wear this for anything, day or night. I like how I still looked put together, even in my jeans.

~ Paisley Top, Small ~
This fits exactly like the Paisley Mosaic Flare Dress so the Small is pretty snug in the sleeves on me and tight across the chest. The sleeves are a little longer, hitting at the elbow, on this top. They are short-sleeve on the dress. The length also looks cropped and it did hit me at the waistband on my jeans. And, of course, it's 100% Polyester. 

~ Tipped City Shorts, White, size 8 ~
I'm always looking for dressier shorts and these were great. They are cotton with some stretch and tipped in what looks like Navy Blue at the waist and side-seam. The inseam is 4 inches and also comes in Dark Sky which is Navy. The material is pique' cotton so not a smooth feel but it still looks nice. The size 8 is the best fit, as is most shorts on me.

I ended up not making it back to the store to get the Lace Tee or Lace Shift Dress. I'm still trying to clear out some items in my closet so I have a better idea of what I'd like to replace things with. I'm also trying to stay away from Polyester, if at all possible. 

Did you find anything from the Ann Taylor Friends & Family event? Or, are you waiting for the Labor Day sales instead?

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