Friday, January 30, 2015

J Crew New Arrivals

It took me a few days to get over the 'meh' I felt about the new arrivals. I did find a few things for my current life, though.

Sleeveless Beaded Zip Top - This would look nice under blazers through the Spring and then with slim white jeans in the Summer.
Structured Fluttered Tee - I'm so attracted to this "tee" especially in the Heather Graphite color. I guess because it looks so easy to wear. I'm all for that.
Midweight Stripe Tee - I have no idea why I like this tee other than it's navy stripe. I buy and get rid of my striped tees every year. I have no business getting another one I'll re-sell after a few wears. But this one look so cute.
Lightweight Bermuda Short - I already have Navy, Tan and White in these but they are from years ago. I will probably replace the Navy since it is starting to look a little faded. These are a very good summer staple for me. I wear them long and at times will also roll up the cuffs a few times.
Sequin Firework Floral Top and Pant - I like the print of the Firework Floral but I don't know if I prefer the white or red background. I see the Sequin Firework Floral Top under the Schoolboy Blazer in Navy but the pant? Maybe the Sleeveless Beaded Zip Top from above with the Schoolboy Blazer? And then there's the ease/laziness of drawstring. There seem to be quite a few items without zippers or buttons. I guess they still going with the pajama/drapey trend for Spring.
Chambray Pleated Mini Skirt - I liked this immediately when I saw it in the catalog but when it showed up online, my feelings changed. I think I have something like this in my closet already, from Madewell. And, I would have loved if it had been the Pleated Lattice Skirt but in Chambray. How great would that have been?
Wide Leg Jean in Odell Wash - I'd love to try on this jean but, in reality, if it's not short enough, I'll just look dumpy.
Collection Silk Secretary Blouse in Willoughby Pine - I hope I get to see this blouse IRL. If this color is as saturated IRL as it is online I'll love it.
Drapey Crepe Oxford Popover - I like the Navy but it has Viscose in it which means shrinkage. So as much as I might love it once I try it on, it's going to stay in the store.
Collarless Collection Jacket in Cayman Blue - This would be a total splurge and very un-necessary. But isn't the color divine!

Overall, I am uninspired by the February roll-out. I'm hoping March/Spring will be better. I usually prefer late Spring and Summer anyway. 

What are you shopping in the new J Crew arrivals? 

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Anthropologie Mixed Plaid Tunic

I wanted to wait for the Mixed Plaid Tunic to go on sale before purchasing it but once I saw it in the store I knew I had to bring it home with me. Anthropologie sent out an email about the tunic and various ways to style it which made me want it even more. Once I got home I decided to try my hand at styling this tunic at least three different ways. 

First, I knew I wanted to see how the tunic looked with my Frye Boots. I like the look of this styling better without the belt, which is an old J Crew belt. 

Next, I decided to try it with skinny jeans, using my Pilcro Ankle Stet. This time the belt works, probably because it is closer in color to my Terah Heels. I tied the dress in the front, like one of the styling images. I also tried this with leggings and a cardigan. It looked good but my navy cardigan didn't match the blue leggings I had on so no pics for that. 

Lastly, I had to throw on some shoes to chase my pups who had snuck out of the yard and Husband made a comment that he liked the Converse Shoreline with the dress. 

The Mixed Plaid Tunic is such a versatile dress/tunic. I have on a size Small and it was a good fit. There is a navy slip underneath that I may swap out since it just fits my hips. Also, there's a small button in the back to help with shaping. This is going to see a lot of wear this Spring and Summer. It can probably be a cute little cover-up around the pool too. 

Can you think of any other styling ideas for this tunic? 

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Que Bella - Lou Tee and Chambray

We have been experiencing some wondrous Spring-like weather since the weekend. While some of you are covered in snow, we hit the low 80s on Tuesday. Don't worry, we'll be cold and rainy again by the weekend. 

Since it's been gorgeous outside, I wanted to take advantage and wear my new Tory Burch Lou Tee. I wasn't expecting to put this on until March. It pairs so well with last year's Factory Keating Boy Blazer in Chambray (Land's End). And to think I almost put it in the "for sale" pile. This tee needs no jewelry since it's embellished at the neckline and hem. 

I chose my Cleos (Factory Cara) over my Metallic Martinas and my trusty Cropped Skinny Jeans. I will definitely re-create this look but with white jeans and sandals once it gets warmer.

This is one of my favorite looks this year! 

Have a Great Day!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tory Burch: Alice Dress

When I was trying on clothes at Tory Burch a few weekends ago, I went in with the specific purpose of buying the Lou Tee. I knew it work well with what I have in my closet for this coming Spring and Summer. Everything else was going on the Wishlist. But sometimes, sometimes, you find an item so perfect that you feel it was made just for you. For me, that was the Alice Dress.

The Alice Dress is made of Silk Georgette and fits so well. I tried on a size 6 thinking it would be too snug in the arms but the dress even fit me well there. I saw myself in the mirror and said "Wow!". I really did not expect this dress to fit this well or look this good on me. The length is perfect on my 5'2" frame, and with a little help from Spanx, fits even better than the dressing room.  

The only negative I have is that the collar flops open. That can be fixed with a little Fashion Tape. And shoe options range from Metallic to Nude to Sandals. I cannot wait to wear the Alice Dress and may try it with my Corso Como Samual Boots for our next date night. 

Have a Great Day!

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Banana Republic: 50% off Select Items, 40% off Everything Else.

Banana Republic has a nice Online Only promo that started today with either 40% or 50% off items with code BRYOU. This sale runs through tomorrow, 1/27. The usual exclusion apply: BR Picks, BR Monogram, Cashmere, Leather. This time Women's Blazers are not excluded (normally they are). I have some items in my shopping cart and deciding what I really want to try.

50% off Select Items
I'm always looking for shirts I can throw on with jeans and a necklace especially if they are natural fibers like silk, linen or cotton. The Silk Popover comes in both light and dark and with different promos. The Light Silk Popover is 40% off while the Dark Silk Popover is 50% off. I never bought the leather Coach Cameo Pendant so I think this Necessary Luxe Leather Strand Necklace might edge outfits up a little.
40% off Everything Else
The Gemma Wrap Dress has been a staple at Banana Republic for years. I've tried them on in the past taking a Medium. The Heritage Belted Ponte Midi Skirt reminds me of old BR when they were doing Safari colors. I just wish it came in Petite because at 30 inches, it's almost a Maxi Skirt on me. I don't need any new jeans just yet but the Indigo Boyfriend Jeans are a pair I really want to try. I'm hoping to get the Short/Petite size as the length is always too long on me when it's meant to be cropped on everyone else.
Now I just need to narrow this down to only a few items. 

Are you shopping this promo? 

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

J Crew Factory: Sailboat Intarsia Sweater, Printed Stretch Button-Down Shirt, Embroidered Tank, Sweatshirt Dress

I also tried on a few items that have been online for awhile and some that are on Clearance.

~ Sailboat Intarsia Sweater, Navy, Small ~
I need a Medium in this sweater. It's cute and will be good for the Spring Nautical theme that always seems to show up. 

~ Printed Stretch Button-Down Shirt, Misty/Grey/White, Small ~
This was popular as there were no Mediums, a few Smalls and one Large in store. I do like the Windowpane print and wished I had seen it in my size. I would have bought this in a Medium had it been available. 

~ Embroidered Tank, Black/Gold/Lace, size 8 ~
I saw this tank online and almost purchased it for the Holidays. The lace portion didn't seem as cheap to me as I thought it would be. The size 8 was the best fit. 

~ Sweatshirt Dress, Marled Heather Grey, Small ~
I put this on and took it right back off. I like the concept and would probably be very cozy but I need a Medium. The Small was very tight, almost like it was mis-sized. I don't think I would have worn this in public so I'm glad there wasn't a Medium to try on. It was 50% off in-store last Monday.

All of these were a pass for me but I did want to show you in case you were interested in any of them. The Sailboat Sweater would be the one I would probably wear through Spring.

Have a Great Day!

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

J Crew: Cotton Cable Sweater

I'm a little on the fence with the Cotton Cable Sweater. I like it and read the review before I purchased it. My store sold out of it pretty quickly so it seems popular. I don't have a true white sweater so I though this would be a good choice.

I think what might be bothering me is the cable stitching on the outer sides of the sweater. To me, it seems to make me larger than I am. The size is definitely correct. The Medium fit well, TTS. If you want a slouchy look then go up one size. This is a little tight in the arms for me but that's just me, as always. The sleeves aren't too long as I would probably roll the cuff anyway.

Overall, I do like the sweater and will be keeping it. The Navy may have been a comfortable choice for me since it is a darker color but I have plenty of Navy in my closet. The White will make me think of ways to style it.

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