Monday, August 1, 2011

J Crew Fall 2011 New Arrivals

I scheduled an appointment with my Personal Shopper at my local J Crew Saturday morning. Doors opened an hour early so people could see the new arrivals and use their reward card. I think this was across all B&Ms. I spent 2 1/2 hours in there! This is a picture heavy post with shoes, accesories, skirts, dresses, sweaters, blazers and jeans.

Martina Patent Wedges, #50472, Bronzed Clay, Size 7
These are not online that I could find. My PS said they were going to be in a Tortoise color/pattern as well. These fit TTS and the wedge heel does taper a little but it is still manageable to walk in.

Biella High-Heel Loafers, #49158, Warm Taupe, Size 7
Also come in Warm Brown and Black Leather and Getaway Green and Antique Violet Satin
These also fit TTS. Even though the heel height is 4 1/4 inches the platform helps make it more manageable to walk in.

City Mini, #50305, Bright Dahlia, Sz 6
Perfect Shirt in Leopard, #48474, Golden Hickory, Sz 6
Jackie Cardigan, #29350, Dark Slate, Sz M
The skirt is a pull-on style and has an elastic waist. The Bright Dahlia/Berry color is my favorite of J Crew. I have the Lolli pants in this color that I love. I wasn't a fan of the Leopard shirt online but I like it after seeing it IRL. I think more so than the No. 2 pencil skirt. I think the Jackie tones down the print some.

Gilded Tweed Mini, #50648, Sky Blue, Sz 8, $128
I don't see this online and it may be in-store only. The material is not as substantial and I expected. It's pretty thin for a tweed. I'm not sure if the pencil skirt will be the same or a little heavier in weight. For $20 more you'll at least get 5-6 inches more material. I really didn't like the fit or feel of this mini. This is at my natural waist and pulling it down didn't help as it rode back up when I walked. The colors in it are pretty with gold threading throughout the skirt. It does have an exposed back zipper. From the picture online the pencil skirt does not.

Origami Mini in Damask, #47460, Blue Pesto, Sz 8
Silkspun Sweater, #47846, Dark Turquoise, Sz M
Tippi Sweater, #46725, Bright Dahlia, Sz M
The print and material on this is not too fancy that you can't dress it down. I also think it would be good to experiment with pattern mixing, in the same shades. Both of the sweaters are 100% merino wool and very bright in color, which I love. They fit TTS, especially if you are wearing it over another shirt, like one of the Perfect Shirts.

No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Leopard, #47322, Golden Hickory, Sz 6
Chambray Tuxedo Tunic, #49553, White, Sz XS
Tippi Sweater, #46725, Bright Dahlia, Sz M
This is a really long skirt for me. I think even if I bought the Petite size I would have to alter it in length. I almost felt like it should have been a true "wiggle" skirt with tapering to the hem, just due to the length. The color was not as vibrant as it is online, which is what others have been saying. It is cotton and unlined, which is fine by me. I do like this skirt but I think I will stick to the Leopard accessories that I have.
The Chambray Tuxedo Tunic runs big. The XS was tight in my arms but the Small fit a lot better. I like the Tippi in BDA with the skirt and would probably pair this with black patent heels to finish off the look.

Darla Dress, #49258, Faded Black Steel, Sz 8
Miller Motorycycle Boot, #28676, Black, Sz 7
The cap-sleeves are elastic which I do not like personally. The pattern is a railroad stripe. It is lightweight, fitted in the top and has an exposed back zipper.

Ticking-Stripe Derby Dress, #42775, Muslin Caspian Night, Sz 6 (I think)
Multistrap Belt, #50840, English Saddle, Sz M
Cute dress and perfect for the rest of my summer (which may last well into October!). The bodice is not too fitted and the skirt portion is lined. The belt is great and unlike the Tri-Buckle Belt, it is leather all the way around. If you are still looking for the Tri-Buckle Belt my store had 3 or 4 but I'm not sure what sizes. I love mine and have worn it several times this summer.

Safari Dress, Sz 6
It was a bit snug in the arms for me but loose through the bodice and skirt so I would say this is TTS.

Scarf, #50277 (same as Leopard scarf), Dark Turquoise, $65
Skinny Leather Belt, #50822, Bright Cobalt
Darlington Satchel, #48895, Bright Indigo (review here)

"On the Prairie" - Plaid Bayou Tunic, #49905, Baltic Blue, Sz S
Jardin Skirt, #48698, Dark Pewter, Sz 6
Belt - Unknown
Miller Motorcycle Boots
If I was on the prairie I would wear this. The tunic is the same fit as the Chambray Tuxedo Tunic, it runs small and the Small fit me fine. I think the Jardin skirt runs TTS. I have it in the Rich Purple.

Heirloom Lace Pencil Skirt, #39548, Indigo, Sz 6
Perfect Shirt in Suckered Stripe, #47414, Blue Tide, Sz 6
Tippi Sweater, #46725 , Warm Mustard, Sz M
This skirt came in Black over the summer, which is what the link is to. This color is Indigo/Navy and was in my store as a New Arrival. I'm sure they will have this color online in the next roll-out. I like the preppy look of the top with the lace skirt. The skirt fits TTS as I usually wear a 6 in JC pencil skirts.

Tippi Sweater, #46725 , Heather Dark Grape, Sz M
Boy Shirt in Quincy Tartan, #49044, Emerald Green, Sz 6
Marching Mini, #47324, Roasted Nutmeg, Sz 8
I am trying to stay away from the button-down shirts as I have too many that I need to wear but this one was hard to not buy with its lovely blues and greens. The skirt was ok but I didn't like the 6 buttons and the wrap-style. You are covered if the wind takes the flap but I'd rather not chance it. There was also a green color in my store that I failed to get a picture of.

Silkspun Sweater, #47846, Toasted Honey, Sz M
Perfect Shirt in Indigo Floral, #48473, Indigo, Sz 6
Cafe Capri in Wool, #49398, Camel, Sz 8
This shirt seems too busy for me by itself but the sweater seems to tone down the print pretty well. The pants I love. They fit well and TTS. The length is not a crop or capri for me (I'm 5'2") but I don't mind that at all. They are not too bad with heels either. My store only had camel and black right now but should be getting a few other colors in their next shipment. I am eyeing the navy as well.

Emmaleigh Dress in Super 120s, #24155, Black, Sz 6
This is a gorgeous dress. I tried on the 8 which fit a little better in the bust for me but overall I loved it. Now to just choose a color.
Here it is completely styled.
Jackie Cardigan, #29350, Saddle, Sz M
Silk Leopard Scarf, #50277
Biella High-Heel Loafers, #49158, Warm Taupe, Size 7
Rigby Saddle Bag, #48296, Flame

Chambray Shirtdress, #47875, Blissful Blue, Sz 6
Chino Vest, #22560, SPR, Sz S, $98
Overlap Grommet Belt, #44414, English Saddle, Sz S
The tunic was ok until I belted it, which then hiked up the skirt and made it shorter. The vest is cute but not my style.

Matchstick Jean, #50499, Starlight Wash, Sz 30S
I like the fit of these. They seem a little looser than last years which did not fit me at all. The "short" length is still long on me.

Classic Flare Jean, #51329, Jezebel Wash, Sz 30
These are a great fitting jean but as you can see I would have to take at least 5 inches off. I am wearing the Biella heels and cuffed the jean under. I'd get a pair for heels (3 inches) and a pair for flats.

Tippi Sweater, #46725, Bright Dahlia, Sz M
Schoolboy Blazer in Wool Flannel, #48682, Heather Caramel, Sz 6
I don't have a blazer this color and I think I need one. With the mild winters we have I prefer layering and adding a blazer rather than a bulky coat.

Tippi Sweater in Leopard, #47351, Sz M
I'm not sure about this. I think it's either the dark "stripe" down the center or the two "lighter" areas down the front sides that bother me.

Crystal Bar Locket Necklace, #51496
(Sorry for the blurred photo.)

Fishnet Necklace, #52686
Silk Blythe Blouse, #37871, Black
A great necklace to jazz up a black or navy cashmere tee. I'm not sure how well it would stay/lay on the sides after moving around though.

Whew! You still with me? I hope so. What do you think of the items above? Anything catch your eye? And I bet you're wondering what I bought. With 100 degree whether it's hard to imagine Fall weather or clothes. Of course, you know my biggest Fall purchase was the Darlington Satchel but I did get a few things I tried on. There were others I added to my wishlist after these try-ons.

I was happy I scheduled an appointment with my PS. She had everything I would have brought to the dressing room all ready and styled together. Even if you get one or two pieces I would say that if you have the time, make a personal shopping appointment. I was glad I did.

Have a great day!


  1. That Emmaleigh dress is calling your name, you have to buy it in every colour they have!
    What a fun way to send a Saturday, I hardly ever go to "real" shops nowadays.

  2. Wow! Awesome review!! You have great taste and I love how you pair your outfits. Now I really have decided which tippi sweaters and shirts to buy! What was your opinion if the shoes? Are you planning on getting the high heel loafers? Also I love the damask skirt on you, I'd like to buy that outfit but what shoes would you pair with it?! Thanks for taking the time to do the review!

  3. wow, thanks for all those reviews, I know that was a ton of work getting them all posted! Agree with Tabitha, you must get that Emmaleigh dress stat. I'm loving those wedges! The Tippi sweater in the brights are definitely on my list. I wasn't sure about the leopard print as well, but it grew on me more and more, so it's wishlisted as well. ;)

  4. Thanks for all of the reviews. I am happy to see the wedge in patent leather. Do you happen to remember the price? You look so good in pencil skirts and I love the navy lace. I hope you took home some pretties for your fall wardrobe.

  5. I think I need a tippi sweater in my life after seeing your iterations. Thanks for the reviews and pics!

  6. LOVE the nude patent wedges!!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  7. LOVE the nude patent wedges!!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  8. Loved all of the pictures...great job of reporting on their new lines!! They skirts really caught my attention.

  9. Love the 120s dress and the wedges. Are they more blush or nude?

  10. Great reviews/photos/outfits! Love your outfit combinations! I already bought the leopard sweater. I am really in love with those wedges! More info please! What was the price of those? I might have to ask my ps to find them for me!!! How was the size? Width? Toe area? Thanks so much for all of your info! ;D

  11. Thank you Tabitha. I have my eye on the Navy right now. And it was a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

  12. Bella - I don't think I'll get the heeled loafers but I may get one of the flat patent Biella's. Regarding the Damask skirt, I have a new pair of Steve Madden glitter loafers I plan on pairing them with to make the skirt a little more casual. I also have the Babette's with the teal feather that will go well with them. And I have some new Ann Taylor perfect pumps in Snakeskin that might go well with it.

  13. shopwithm - The Tippi sweaters are great. I'd love to get every color!

  14. JulieStyles - I don't remember the price but I am going back in today so I'll find out.

  15. Lisa - With all the pretty colors they are offering I think you do need one!

  16. Thanks for stopping by Meggy. I can't wait to see them in the Tortoise.

  17. A - The wedges are more of a nude, IMO. The Biella Patent Loafers come in the same color.

  18. Suzy - I'll find out the price today. As far as sizing, they fit TTS. I didn't have any pinching or tightness in the width and there was room in the toe area. HTH!

  19. Whoo-hoo, mega post! I love the Emmaleigh dress on you and I highly recommend it. I have it in superfine cotton and it's such a flattering and comfortable dress. I'm eyeing the peacock feather myself.

    The chambray shirtdress is on its way to me but golly, is it ever short! Looks like it might be a return. :^(

    The Darla dress with the motorcycle boots is incredibly cute on you. Lots of great styling, thanks for all the photos and reviews.

  20. So many great colors on you. I really like the way the Tippi leopard looks, among other pieces.

  21. Those miller motorcycle boots where they true to size? or did you go a half size up? just wondering? BTW they look great on you... :)

  22. Those Miller motorcycle boots where they true to size or did you end up going a half a size up? Just wondering... BTW they look great on you. :)

    1. Nina - They were TTS. I wear a 7 in JC. I've tried the Vintage Roadsters before (from a few years ago) in a 7 and they were too snug everywhere including the heel. These fit well. I didn't have a thick sock on but I don't think that would make a big difference.